The ensemble Keramicar is form 1954 year. Today is 250
members most of them are pupils and students.
Keramicar has done more than 3500 concerts. The
ensemble Keramicar has participate of different festivals
the demonstrations cultureless, celebrations the revues
musician`s. Thanks to the quality of the program,
Keramicar conquest so munch diplomas and appreciative,
but most important is “Srebren gerdan”
appreciative on
the festival MMF in Dijon – France. The ensemble
Keramicar has record many of LP with traditional national
songs and rounds traditional too. The national costumes
are very rich with the colors but corrodes it and black are
to in the colors which dominate. This colors are rich on melts white. The people of Macedonia a leave his costumes hang all his history. The youth and large enthusiasm of the ensemble members are weavings into the songs and rounds on the Macedonia sky.